Writing Prompt Wednesday: Medieval Times #1

Greetings again, Readers! This month we’ll be taking a little trip back in time, to the days of sword and shield, king and castle, when cholera and plague Lords and Ladies ruled the land…and sometimes lost their heads! Join me as Writing Prompt Wednesday goes medieval all June-long.

Bodiam Castle, East Sussex, England.
Bodiam Castle, East Sussex, England. Image source: WyrdLight.com via Wikimedia Commons. Used under Creative Commons License, version CC BY-SA 3.0


Prompt 1

Write a poem inspired by the gorgeous photograph you see above. To get us started, I’ll share a poem I wrote a couple of years ago for a creative writing class inspired by photographs such as this, though the name is specifically inspired by Llansteffan Castle, in Wales:


“Battle of Llanstaff Castle”
Daylight spills over the castle walls.
Sally forth! Beyond the iron gates wait
Swordsmen whose sharpened blades thirst for blood!

Vanquish, my God-fearing sons, these dun
Swordsmen whose sharpened blades thirst for blood!
Fight them with mercy? Compassion? None!

With high Llanstaff Castle behind us,
Fight them with mercy? Compassion? None!
Foes who come seeking death shall find it.

Now raise your swords up and sally forth!
Foes who come seeking death shall find it
Atop these ancestral and verdant hills.

Glorious battle awaits us here,
Atop these ancestral and verdant hills,
Burial place of our forefathers.


Prompt 2

Write a story about a long-standing feud (no pun intended) between two kings, and how it was resolved WITHOUT violence. The more humorous, the better.


Prompt 3

Write a story based on the following sentence:

The King watched his future self parade in front of him, and he knew what he must do.



Hope these give you something fun to work on for the week ahead! Come back next week for more prompts!

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– K R Parkinson

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Writing Prompt Wednesday: Technicolor Dreams #2

Heavy Rainbow by Matthew Attard, via DeviantArt.com. Used with permission.
Heavy Rainbow, by Matthew Attard, via DeviantArt.com. Used with permission.

Greetings, readers! Welcome to another Technicolor Dreams edition of Writing Prompt Wednesday.

Headlining this week’s entry is our featured artwork, Heavy Rainbow, a stunning surreal piece by Australian artist Matthew “priteeboy” Attard. Many thanks for graciously permitting Write Full Circle to showcase this one-of-a-kind creation, Mr. Attard!

On the writing prompt front, we have some great stuff for you, including prompts for poetry, stories, and even a dream journal, if that’s your thing.

So, without further ado, let’s get to it!

Poetry Prompts

1) Write a prose poem based upon the most vivid dream you can remember. Keep it under 500 words.

2a) Note the first two colors you see when you look around. DO NOT WORRY if they are extremely similar.

2b) Write a Pantoum where the repeated pair of lines in each stanza features both of these colors, one to a line. They may include the name of the color, or poetic attributes of that color.


Story Prompts

1) Write a story in which the main character cannot tell whether what they experience is real or not.

2) Assume there is a reality in which everything is the opposite of what it is here. Up is down, hot is cold, even colors are the opposite from each other. Now, tell a story in which someone from this reality is brought into our own.

3) Write a story inspired by this week’s featured artwork.


Dream Journal Project

For one or two weeks, keep a dream journal in which you write down all your dreams that you can remember. It is best if you write them down as soon as you wake up.

At the end of the journalling period, take the two or three most interesting dream sequences and write stories based on them. Keep the characters and situations as close to the way they were in your dreams, but feel free to expand on the logic of the dream as you write. For instance, if you could float or fly, perhaps you aren’t limited to staying on this planet, or if you are, you can still fly anywhere in the world you want to go.

Note that it is possible that by paying attention to your dreams and journalling them you could at some point have a lucid dream, in which you become aware that you are dreaming. Be sure to reflect these events in your story.

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– K R Parkinson