Writing Prompt Wednesday: Technicolor Dreams #1

Last week’s special edition of WPW was a great way to ease into a new month, but now it’s time to choose a common theme to carry us through the next few weeks: Technicolor Dreams. Free your imagination as we settle in to a new Writing Prompt Wednesday…

Prompt 1:

Write a story in which the word “cinematomatic” appears.


Prompt 2:

Write a poem in which each new line starts with a word beginning with the letter of one of the colors of the rainbow: ROYGBIV. They do not necessarily need to appear in that order.

BONUS CHALLENGE: End each line with a word beginning with the letter of the color opposite the current one in ROYGBIV. Example: Line begins with “Y,” so it should end with a word beginning with “B.”


Prompt 3:

Write a story that ties three of your most recent dreams together in a coherent way.



Alrighty folks, that does it for another edition of Nightli…sorry, Writing Prompt Wednesday. Tune in next week for more writing prompts (and hopefully a great image to accompany the new theme; still working on permissions issues).

Remember to Write Full Circle everyday,


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Writing Prompt Wednesday: Star Wars Day Special!

May the 4th be with You...Always
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Happy Star Wars Day! In honor of the occasion where everyone’s telling everyone else “May the 4th be with you,” this week’s Writing Prompt Wednesday theme is “In a galaxy far, far away….”

Prompt 1: Complete the story

We parked in one of the station’s loading bays. It was dark out there, and too quiet inside the ship – sounds from the bay weren’t transferring through the air to the hull. Life support systems were probably down. Kam and I put on our pressure suits before going out. He looked nervous, kept glancing out the cockpit windows at the angular, towering shapes casting tall shadows on the walls. The lights flickered on and off at irregular intervals, making the shadows shift and pulse.

I had bats darting around in my  gut, too, but I was better at hiding it than my brother. Always had been, even when we were young. I was “the brave one,” the one who stepped up to defend my brother from bullies every week at school. I always thought he was chicken, and I still do, but he’s got a brain on him that won’t quit, and we’ve stayed close all these years. It’s been a profitable relationship. I choose the targets and Kam figures out how to get in – and out – without making anyone suspicious. If we do attract attention, well, let’s just say that I’ve talked us to safety more than once, and I know how to use a plasma pistol when I need to.

We walked down the ship’s ramp, the darkness of space at our backs, looming just beyond the mouth of the loading bay. Crates and containers, ancient by the look of them, were all over the place, a few in tall, orderly stacks, most just piled up without care or knocked over like giant toy blocks. Some were open, but most were still sealed up, and I smiled. It’s rare to come across an abandoned space station like this, but when you do it’s a fool’s bargain not to check it out. You never know what you might find…


Prompt 2: Alien anthropology

Write a story about a culture whose solar year is only one Earth-month long. How would that affect that culture? What might they do differently from humans?


Prompt 3: Dreaming of another life

The Star Wars universe is filled with planets of all types, and with hundreds of species of beings. If you could live on only one planet, inhabited or not, for the rest of your life, what would it be? Describe it. If it is inhabited, what would the people be like? Would you prefer to live there with someone you know, or not?


Okay, so that wraps up another Writing Prompt Wednesday! Hope these prompts inspire your creativity. As always, feel free to share by leaving a comment.

Until next time…May the 4th be with you!


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Background image credit: NASA, ESA and STScI via HubbleSite.org. Text overlay and other modifications by K R Parkinson.

Writing Prompt Wednesday: April Showers #4

April seems to have flown by, and things are not sitting still in the world of Write Full Circle. My current writing projects are progressing nicely, though slowly. One of my recent short stories is ready for submission to appropriate markets, an exciting development on which I will, of course, keep you updated.

In the meantime, you guys are probably looking forward to another Writing Prompt Wednesday. In fact, this will be the LAST WPW for April 2016, so let’s send April out with a bang, shall we?

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Prompt 1*:

Write a poem about weather that DOESN’T include the letters ‘T’, ‘S’, ‘L’ or ‘R’ (nor their lowercase equivalents – no cheating via technicalities, people).

Prompt 2:

Write a story in which a thunderstorm is the main character.

Prompt 3:

“Is that a hurricane?”


Alrighty folks, that does it for Write Full Circle’s first month of Writing Prompt Wednesdays. In May, expect a fresh WPW theme, in addition to more articles similar to Write Full Circle’s first-ever post. I have a topic in mind for the next article, and I’m shooting to have it ready for posting next week.

’til next time,

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– K R Parkinson

*Prompt 1 inspired by this tweet and an exercise from the excellent book Cryptology by Albrecht Beutelspacher

Writing Prompt Wednesday: April Showers #3

Third time’s the charm as we enter week three of Write Full Circle’s regular feature, Writing Prompt Wednesday. This week I have a little something different for you, as the writing prompt will be the beginning of a story. Your job, Dear Reader, is to take what I have written and complete it. Feel free to post your results as a comment!


Writing Prompt:

I stood at the window of my fourth-story apartment and watched the traffic in the street below. What traffic there was, anyway. It was past the afternoon rush – five-thirty, maybe six o’clock – but the real reason for the lack of activity today was the rain. I hadn’t seen a rain like this in a long time. Didn’t like being cooped up. It had been raining for the past three days, almost non-stop. The weatherman said it would continue for another two days. Anticipate flooding downtown, he said.

It reminded me of the kind of rain we used to get where I grew up. Big droplets slapped the window and broke apart. Sounded almost like hail if you stood under the metal awning of the cafe down the block. Went there a couple hours ago, took a seat by the window. Not sure why I chose that one. I didn’t really care to watch the rain.

While remembering the soggy BLT I’d had for lunch, a taxi turned the corner, its wipers blasting the rain to one side.  A woman got out of the taxi, shielding her head with a newspaper…


Okay, so now it’s your turn! Finish this prompt and post the results in the comments!

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– K R Parkinson


Writing Prompt Wednesday: April Showers #2

It’s time for your weekly writing prompt! Get ready for the second installment of our April Showers series:



Writing Prompt 1:

The first time you had to take cover during a storm.

Writing Prompt 2:

Describe a place, real or fictional, that always seems to have rainy conditions. If it is a fictional place, it can receive perpetual (never-ending) rain. What is this place like? What are its people like?


Okay, get out your writing implement of choice and be creative! Feel free to post your work or suggestions for future writing prompt themes in the comments below.

’til next time!

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– K R Parkinson
Photo by Stuart Madden (Flickr: Rain Clouds over Liverpool) via Wikimedia Commons, under CC BY 2.0 License

Writing Prompt Wednesday: April Showers #1

This month’s theme is April Showers, and we have two prompts for you this week.


Prompt #1 :        “Strange downpour”

Prompt #2:         A couple runs to their car to escape the rain, only to discover the doors are locked and the keys are in the ignition…


Now, get those pens out and start writing something great! As always, feel free to leave comments, theme suggestions, or your Full Circle inspired by this week’s writing prompts in the space below.


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– K R Parkinson

Writing Prompt Wednesday: A Brief Primer

Since the debut of Writing Prompt Wednesday is this week, I thought it would be a good idea to give you, the readers, the low-down on what to expect from Write Full Circle’s first regular feature.


It’s pretty simple, actually. Each Wednesday, Write Full Circle will post a new writing prompt based on that month’s theme. The prompt could be a single word, a phrase, or even a short scene or situation, which you can use as the starting-point for your own creative endeavor. Themes could be based on a holiday that month, a season, significant date, or something completely random, so there’s a lot of potential to get those creative juices flowing just by looking at a month’s particular theme and running with it.

As WFC matures there may be tweaks to the formula, but these ground rules give us a good place to start.

If you have a theme you would like to suggest, feel free to share it in the comments of our upcoming Writing Prompt Wednesday posts, or through one of the channels on the Contact page.

And as always,

Remember to Write Full Circle every day.

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-K R Parkinson


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