Writing Prompt Wednesday: April Showers #3

Third time’s the charm as we enter week three of Write Full Circle’s regular feature, Writing Prompt Wednesday. This week I have a little something different for you, as the writing prompt will be the beginning of a story. Your job, Dear Reader, is to take what I have written and complete it. Feel free to post your results as a comment!


Writing Prompt:

I stood at the window of my fourth-story apartment and watched the traffic in the street below. What traffic there was, anyway. It was past the afternoon rush – five-thirty, maybe six o’clock – but the real reason for the lack of activity today was the rain. I hadn’t seen a rain like this in a long time. Didn’t like being cooped up. It had been raining for the past three days, almost non-stop. The weatherman said it would continue for another two days. Anticipate flooding downtown, he said.

It reminded me of the kind of rain we used to get where I grew up. Big droplets slapped the window and broke apart. Sounded almost like hail if you stood under the metal awning of the cafe down the block. Went there a couple hours ago, took a seat by the window. Not sure why I chose that one. I didn’t really care to watch the rain.

While remembering the soggy BLT I’d had for lunch, a taxi turned the corner, its wipers blasting the rain to one side.  A woman got out of the taxi, shielding her head with a newspaper…


Okay, so now it’s your turn! Finish this prompt and post the results in the comments!

K R Parkinson Monogram
– K R Parkinson



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