Writing Prompt Wednesday: April Showers #2

It’s time for your weekly writing prompt! Get ready for the second installment of our April Showers series:



Writing Prompt 1:

The first time you had to take cover during a storm.

Writing Prompt 2:

Describe a place, real or fictional, that always seems to have rainy conditions. If it is a fictional place, it can receive perpetual (never-ending) rain. What is this place like? What are its people like?


Okay, get out your writing implement of choice and be creative! Feel free to post your work or suggestions for future writing prompt themes in the comments below.

’til next time!

K R Parkinson Monogram
– K R Parkinson
Photo by Stuart Madden (Flickr: Rain Clouds over Liverpool) via Wikimedia Commons, under CC BY 2.0 License

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